Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Leaky roof, no problem!

This Huntington homeowner was faced with a water damaged ceiling after a storm caused a leak in the food.  SERVPRO of Huntington was able to restore his ceiling to its original condition, much to his delight.  

A flood is no match!

This Huntington resident was distraught after a nasty bout of rain flooded his living room.  He called SERVPRO of Huntington, and his carpet was "Like it never even happened." afterward.  

State of the Art Equipment

SERVPRO of Huntington's technicians are here to handle your storm and flood damage, with the help of some state of the art equipment.  Here are some of our air movers drying out a flooded room. 

Flood Damage helpers

Because of our high level of rain per year, flooding can be a problem in our area.  SERVPRO of Huntington has the equipment and the technicians to make your house a home again.  

Storms and basements

Did you know Huntington gets an average of 42 inches of rain a year?  This can wreck havoc on basements!  Luckily SERVPRO of Huntington is your go-to solution for storm damage! 

Post storm basement drying

After a storm hit, one local home's basement was flooded.  SERVPRO of Huntington, with the help of our handy technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, were able to restore this home.